Win – Yes or No?

To win or not to win is perhaps the most important question that this global culture must ask itself, especially.

To win or not to win is perhaps the most important question that this global culture must ask itself, especially at this most crucial time in human history; tomorrow is not promised, after all, and not even hoped for by many whose basic rights have been violated. That’s why Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are here. Their Frontera Fund gives people hope as it inspires the change that many have wished to see for many years. There is now hope. Read more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Many whose most fundamental rights have been violated are not even able to speak out against the oppression for fear of their very lives. Countries with such a fiercely oppressive agenda primarily include Venezuela and North Korea, along with several Middle Eastern countries.

Just imagine: Any woman who lives in Iraq and forgets to put on a headdress or recite the Koran in perfect verbatim is in danger of losing her head, and that is only the beginning; those who slightly disrespect their husbands or make them look anything less than favorable may lose their marriage, their homes, their possessions, and even their freedom. They are, many times, raped, tortured and murdered as a result – or even for the mere fun of it.

Perhaps now you can see why so many thousands of them come into this country: They seek a better life or any at all. What they are living in their home country is not life – far from it, it is a daily hell on earth as many describe it, and that’s putting it lightly.

This is why Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin love to win at their game: They know that they are changing lives every day; so you must ask yourself the same question that they ask each other every morning – to win or not to win?

Martin Luther King, Jr., Abe Lincoln, Samuel Adams, George Washington, Moses, Jesus Christ, Elijah and several others are proven, documented examples of such fine character – ones we should imitate whenever we are tempted to throw in the towel and call it a day. Do not call it ‘quits’; simply believe in what you are fighting for and why you are fighting for it. Without a noble cause, after all, we are nothing more than wind – carried about slightly, going here and there but with no permanent stance.

Sometimes, to win, you need to risk it all. To win, you must study and thoroughly research the cause, asking yourself if it is worthy enough for you to give your all for. If the answer is yes, then you know what to do. Many have already gone before us and given true stories of success, not to mention profoundly unshakeable examples, to both follow and build our causes around.

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