Why Real Estate is on the Rise in Baltimore; Todd Lubar Analysis

Baltimore is currently the city on the rise. The city, often dubbed as the ‘charm city’ has been experiencing a.

Baltimore is currently the city on the rise. The city, often dubbed as the ‘charm city’ has been experiencing a reduction in terms of total population, but the real estate industry in the regions has been showing signs of a comeback. This is highly attributed to the growth of young population in the region, thanks to the cheaper cost of living when compared to other areas such as Washington D.C.

Given the strong presence of young demographic in Baltimore (https://patch.com/maryland/baltimore/todd-lubar-shares-thoughts-baltimore-real-estate-industry), there is a high demand for select apartments. The economy continues to rebound, and the rate at which this will happen will factor heavily on how this rising trend plays out in the end. Todd Lubar, a real estate expert, argues that this is a great opportunity for talented investors, most of which have already started to refurbish old buildings to suit apartment requirements for city residents. For instance, 10 Light Street has already converted the ground level into a training center and a gym. Besides, the bank of America building is home to the priciest in the city.

The primary focus of the city right now is public transport, an undertaking that will probably make the city more favorable for city residents. In addition, there are no shortage of entrepreneurs in the region and judging by the economic trend; the city business industry is thriving, which means, there are more investment opportunities today that they were few years back. Read the full interview on ideamensch.com.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur and a real estate expert, currently living in Bethesda, Maryland. His experience in the real estate spans over twenty years, a period he considers critical in nurturing his reputable portfolio. See, toddlubar.com.

Today, he serves TDL Global Ventures LLC as the president and is also a senior vice president of Legacy investments. Todd Lubar has also held numerous positions at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, the first company he joined after college, and Legacy Financial group. He has also held vice president position in Charter Funding upon which after quitting he began to focus on mortgage origination with Priority Finance services.

Although he has been focused on Mortgage for the large part of his career, Todd Lubar has also owned several companies in demolition, recycling and now the real estate. His vast experience in all these industries allows him to understand the nature of the market. Info sourced from linkedin.com.

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