The life of Perry Mandera, the Founder of The Custom Companies

Apart from founding custom care charities, Perry Mandera is also well known in the transport industry. Perry dedicates his commitment.

Apart from founding custom care charities, Perry Mandera is also well known in the transport industry. Perry dedicates his commitment to serving others to his church and family. He also engages in sporting activities, and his passion for sports has seen him offer sponsorship to over 100 youth teams.


In 1975, Perry completed his high school studies from Chicago Public High School. He was subsequently admitted to the U.S Marine Corps Reserves. It’s from there that he learned to drive a truck as he was attached to the motor pool. Afterward, he was dismissed from his position in the U.S Marine Corps and returned to his family. At the age of twenty-three, Perry Mandera formed his firm after serving in several transportation companies but later sold the firm in 1995.


Political Aspiration

Perry Mandera’s political aspiration was ignited when he was voted to the 26th Republican Ward Committee in Chicago for four years from 1984. After clinching the sit, Perry became the youngest person to be elected to the position.


The Custom Companies

Perry Mandera formed the Custom Companies in 1996, whose headquarters are in Northlake, IL. The company’s agendas are geared towards providing full transportation services and logistics packages such as truckload and LTL service. The custom company is connected to over 100 corporations and serves a significant market share. The company’s annual sales exceed $200 million and with a large number of the employee who helps in executing the company’s mandate. The company also offers both domestic and international Air forwarding services in the United States to stay competitive. In 2000, Perry Mandera got named as top 100 American transportation senior manager in the 21st century.


Community support

As a leader in the community, Perry Mandera has dedicated all his resources and energy to most of the charity groups. He has given donations in terms of finance to children and youth agencies. Perry has also aided in cancer prevention measures and assists people living with cancer in the community. As a commitment to helping the society, he serves as the board director of Jesse white Tumblers charitable organizations. Through his leadership, custom, Inc. was able to provide transportation and food supplies to those who were affected by the tornado that hit Washington in 2013.

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