The Impressive Accomplishments Of The National Steel Car Under The Leadership Of Gregory James Aziz

National Steel Car ranks as one of the world’s most prominent and competitive railroad car manufacturing industries. Under the stewardship.

National Steel Car ranks as one of the world’s most prominent and competitive railroad car manufacturing industries. Under the stewardship of Greg J Aziz, the car manufacturer produced quality railcar equipment and freight services that gave it a fierce competitive streak. It currently circles on the production of railroad cars and accessories. Besides manufacturing railroad cars and components, National Steel Car commits to charity work.

Greg Aziz was born in 1994 and spent his childhood in the outskirts of Ontario, Canada. He joined Ridley College at the prime of his life for advanced studies. Later on, he enrolled for a degree in Economics at the University of Western Ontario. Upon graduating, Mr. Aziz began working for his family food chain, Affiliate Foods. He joined the family business the time it had focused its efforts toward providing services to the broader Ontario area and its neighborhood. The input of Greg Aziz made the family food chain find its ways to the global marketplace. Over time, Affiliate Foods extended its services to the entire United States and Europe.

Mr. Aziz relocated to the United States in the early 1980s in search of greener pastures. He worked in a variety of industries including the banking sector. His extensive background in Economics earned him a managerial role in critical development and planning in nearly all companies he worked for including the National Steel Car. See This Page for additional information.

Mr. Aziz landed a position of the CEO at the leading railroad manufacturer throughout North America, National Steel Car, after working in the banking sector for an extended period. Nonetheless, his position in the National Steel Car didn’t come on a silver platter; instead, Gregory J Aziz’s business input during the acquisition of the company played a critical role. Greg Aziz initiated the purchase of the National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994 and was made the President upon the acquisition.


Greg J Aziz got the National Steel Car with only 600 employees. However, his sheer hard work and determination helped the workforce to grow to over 4000 employees within 16 years. The growth was extraordinary since it takes ages for a typical company to record such an excellent improvement within the given period. In the past, National Steel Car could produce a maximum of 3000 vehicles in a year. However, the production level rose significantly five years after the arrival of Gregory J Aziz where the firm began making up to 12000 units of railroad cars within a year.

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