The Fagali’l Airport – Take A Flight To Apia’s Beautiful Beaches And Explore

Fagali’l Airport is located in the beautiful country of Samoa. The South Pacific island nation, Samoa, is considered as the.

Fagali’l Airport is located in the beautiful country of Samoa. The South Pacific island nation, Samoa, is considered as the “treasure Island of the South Pacific” and the “heart of Polynesia”, entailing 10 beautiful islands, including Upolu, where Apia is specifically located right on the central north coast. Apia is the capital of Samoa, where the Fagali’l Airport is located.

Fagali’l Airport is a small airport in Apia that includes flights going to and from 1) Pago Pago – the territorial capital of American Samoa and 2) Savai’i – the largest island of the South Pacific nation of Samoa.

If anyone is looking to vacation to experience a number of lovely beaches, then a trip to Apia, Somoa would definitely be worth it. Bring your spouse and kids, and come get away at one of these miraculous Apia beaches for laughs, fun and tanning: Lefaga, Salamumu, Tafe and Vaiala Beach. The people are friendly, beautiful and would love to tell you all about the wonderful history of the city.

The airlines which operates out of Fagali’l Airport are the following: Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways and Talofa Airways.

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For some of the cheapest flights around, the airlines of the Fagali’l Airport entails some of the cheapest ticket prices.

Currently, the Fagali’l Airport is established as an up to standard and safe business, but before now, there were concerns surrounding the airport regarding safety and noise.

After a 2002 upgrade that converted a grass airway to pavement, the airport was decommissioned due to the concerns of the Apia village regarding the new disturbing conditions according to The government got involved and that’s when the airport would shut down.

It was in 2009 when the Polynesian Airlines would re-open the doors of the Fagali’l airline for business, but not before making adjustments. Although there were some village and governmental concerns still factual over safety, the airport would resume business and even expand by adding flights to Pago, Pago, American Samao. The airline is currently owned and operated by the Polynesian Airlines.

Apia, Samoa is the home of the late great author, Robert Louis Stevenson, where his mansion, The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, is now one of the most visited museums. Come take a tour of the beautiful mansion, along with a tour of his grave site, located at the top of Mt. Vaea.

Winter weathers are 85 degrees in the tropical climates of Apia. Flights are available now!

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