The Creative Processes Of Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr is a creative producer and a writer. Her content is compelling and resonates with audiences emotionally and intellectually..

Bridget Scarr is a creative producer and a writer. Her content is compelling and resonates with audiences emotionally and intellectually. She has over fifteen years of experience in production, animation, television, and advertising and has been responsible for the creative development of teams focusing on drama, entertainment, children’s animation, factual entertainment, and lifestyle. She works at Colibri Studios as the head of content development, partnerships, and strategies. Her work with international broadcasters, creative talent, and project partners brings life to her projects.


Bridget Scarr starts her days with meditation for energy and focus. She enjoys breakfast with her family then focuses on her objectives while commuting to work. She works hard at the office then enjoys quality time with her family for lunch. Her work schedule after lunch is more flexible and she concentrates on her emails with sales agents and co-producers. She likes to take her son for a walk in the evenings and often continues to work after dinner. Her current task is an augmented reality project designed to connect the users to history. The project is comprised of scripted and factual elements with a n app utilizing monuments and landmarks.


Bridget Scarr uses technology to bring reality to users. Bringing her ideas to life requires feasibility and development. She uses her historical knowledge, video content, and historical audio to find the stories about individuals who lived in specific time periods. She locates the right team to create the emotional responses she wants experienced by the users. Her projects can take years to go from ideation to completion. She is interested in virtual reality and believes this can be a positive influence in healing, education, and making certain a patient who is dying is granted their last wish.


Bridget Scarr has a creative spirit she nurtures with meditation, laughter, and playing with her son. When she takes the time to find inspiration her creativity flows and her ideas are better. She believes a time out is often productive, keeps her feeling fresh, and energizes her soul. She feels fear must be eliminated and an individual’s journey should always be met with trust. She says people must believe in themselves, their gifts, appreciate their loved ones, breathe, meditate, be free, be light, and live unconditionally. She believes magic is real and surrounds everyone. She tells people to meditate because it has changed her world and will do the same for them.


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