Tammy Mazzocco is Real in the Real Estate Business

Tammy Massocco is a successful real estate agent who works in the residential market in Central Ohio. She operates in.

Tammy Massocco is a successful real estate agent who works in the residential market in Central Ohio. She operates in the four counties of Franklin, Fairfield, Delaware, and Pickering. She has established herself as one of the leading real estate producers in the area, and she works very hard.

Tammy Mazzocco got her start in real estate by working as a secretary for a nine-person commercial real estate company. She learned a lot very quickly about real estate at that job. Next, she was the manager for seven years for a condominium development. In 1995, her boss offered to help her get her real estate license so she could be helpful as a licensed person to help him on some of his projects.

Tammy saw the potential when she worked as a licensed assistant to Joe Armeni, a very successful RE/MAX broker. According to Spokeo, Tammy saw first-hand what it took to manage and run a successful real estate office while working for Joe.

In 1999, Tammy decided to enter the sales arena of real estate by joining friend and mentor Judy Gang and her team in Pickerington, Ohio. She has never had a regret and is so gratified that she made a move. Her passion for the business and the results that she has achieved speak for themselves.

Tammy is the kind of person that if you give her a good idea, she will test it, use it, and if it works for her she will make it a part of her work. She likes to give lots of credit to co-workers and managers who have given her great advice over the years.

People on Facebook ask her what motivates her and she answers that is an incessant goal setter and that when she sets them, they are for monthly, weekly, and daily. Then she breaks them down into smaller action steps so that they are easily attained. When this method works time after time, it is easy to get and stay motivated.

Tammy is insistent on taking clients’ issues as her own. She has determined that when clients have issues of any kind, they are going to be focused on their problems, and if they are not solved, they may or may not buy the house. Tammy focuses on their problems as opposed to her own. People know when you are seriously concerned. If you come across as fake, they know that too. Tammy says that she is in a people business and this is very important.


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