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Sussex Healthcare is an independent business in Sussex, UK. We provide health care and support of its class. The Health.

Sussex Healthcare is an independent business in Sussex, UK. We provide health care and support of its class. The Health Quality Service (HQS) accredited us in the year 2002, only five years since our inception in 1985.

We also gained the Investors In People standard in 2003. In 2005 according to, we achieved the International Standard ISO 9000:2000. The dual accreditation for HQS and ISO 9000:2000 makes Sussex Healthcare the sole independent home care provider in the UK with quality management systems.

Our Services

We have about 20 different facilities within Sussex, UK. We offer the following services:
Palliative care; those who have chronic conditions and diseases are cared for well.
Respite care; we offer respite care and short breaks at all our homes at any time.
Care for the old people; we give unrivaled attention to the older people of the society who are under our care.

Special adult care; where we give Care and education for people with neurological and learning disabilities respectively.

Sussex healthcare offers residential, respite and outreach services to those with brain injuries too, whether natural or acquired.

Recently, we started planning to have new services for the youths who leave school due to extreme physical and learning disabilities and people suffering from autism. So we still have more in store for you.

Do you know anyone who has dementia? No cause for alarm, just bring that person to any of the Sussex Healthcare homes and they will receive our care.


What makes Sussex Healthcare the best?

Apart from the above-mentioned accreditations, there are more reasons why we are the best in town:
We offer affordable charges for all.
We give your loved ones the love they desire, the care they deserve, the comfort, friendship and the respect they can ever get irrespective of their different conditions.
Our meals are derived from fresh and locally available ingredients that suit the needs and conditions of each individual under our care.
We are reachable.

With over 20 Healthcare homes across the Sussex area according to, you can easily access our services wherever you are in Sussex and at any time. We are just a phone-call or an email away. When called upon, we respond as soon as possible.

We have highly trained and qualified personnel that offer services 24 hours a day. We treat each patient in our homes uniquely and as a priority.

We are more than just a care-center; we provide recreational facilities as well. A well-equipped gym, spa pools, multi-sensory rooms and track hoisting facilities are available.

We provide other services like reflexology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy on request. So even younger individuals with learning or mental disabilities can get help from our care homes.

Sussex healthcare believes in a pain-free life lived to the fullest age possible. We strive to maintain our position as the best support, care and nursing provider in the Sussex area.

Our homes are open 24 hours a day. You can visit personally, make a phone call or send us an email. We shall respond instantly.

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