About NewsWatch TV It is a half an hour TV show that airs every week in over 200 stations in.

About NewsWatch TV

It is a half an hour TV show that airs every week in over 200 stations in the United States. NewsWatch is also an award-winning show that usually airs some of the celebrity interviews, app reviews, consumer news, government news and finally the public service announcements. Some of its TV shows highlights issues to do with so many problems affecting the community which include; travel and tourism features, health and medical gains, new products that have been released, fashion, consumer and business topics and campaigns to create public awareness.

The NewsWatch TV Reviews has its headquarters in Washington DC with some of its branches in New York and Denver. It is managed by a media company known as Bridge Communications, which is a communication and video production company.


Reviews and Testimonials

Avanca Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

A company known as Avanca had a crowdfunding Campaign which was to assist them in one of their projects. They had a goal of $10,000 that was to be earned within 30 days. NewsWatch was hired to run some of the reviews, and the results were even shocking as they got more than they what they expected. They raised over $450,000 within 30 days which was such a huge success.


Contour Design Campaign Goals

Contour Design had an objective which was to market their workstation using the NewsWatch TV platforms with the aim of increasing exposure and sales. Their primary intention was to get the employers and their employees services from the company that will make them confident in work environment. The results after the adverts were tremendous, the sales started to shoot up, and the reviews got to so many Americans who were responding well.


Saygus Smartphone Campaign

This is a Smartphone Manufacturer Company based in the United States that was seeking to market a new Smartphone that they manufactured. NewsWatch TV was the firm given the job to run reviews on National TV and other platforms. The results were excellent especially after NewsWatch made a promotion in a Barcelona Conference. Clients started streaming in at their retail shops, and their sales went up.


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