Malcolm CasSelle Creates His Own WAX Forum

The future of the Online gaming industry has been made a little more secure in recent years by the development.

The future of the Online gaming industry has been made a little more secure in recent years by the development of the Worldwide Asset eXchange. Better known as Wax, this Malcolm CasSelle led forum and Online marketplace is looking to create a safer and more secure way of trading and selling the tokenized products available through many video games in the 21st-century; Malcolm CasSelle’s team has focused on how to make sure only those who are the actual owners of items have the ability to sell and trade them with proof of ownership based on a blockchain principal.


Every step of the career of this Stanford educated computer science graduate has been taken to bring him to the top of the digital technology industry which has seen him enter on the ground-floor of some of the most important technologically-based companies of recent times. Malcolm CasSelle began his investing career looking for many different ways of exploring the opportunities to invest in early startups such as Facebook and Zynga.


Malcolm CasSelle has served as the head and creative force at a number of different technology-based companies giving the President of WAX a wide-range of experience in the different requirements needed to become a success in the digital media industry. Refusing to limit his work to only one aspect of the digital industry, Malcolm CasSelle has worked for a range of different companies including the MediaPass brand devoted to building on the success of digital media companies; another success seen int he career of Malcolm CasSelle has been the growth of the Groupon brand in eastern China which was headed by the former leader of the Xfire social media platform.


As a business leader who has always had an eye on the video gaming industry, Malcolm CasSelle understands the frustrations of some gamers who are unable to trade or sell the items purchased with tokens through various games. Through the WAX Online marketplace, Malcolm CasSelle believes new markets can be opened up which provide the opportunity to trade items for the first time.


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