Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Not Afraid to Chase Down Amazon

There are not too many apparel companies that would try to take on Amazon for top spot in the congested.

There are not too many apparel companies that would try to take on Amazon for top spot in the congested e-commerce fashion space, but one such company may be on the verge of doing something no one has done to the retail giant. Amazon has enjoyed gobbling up 20 percent of the apparel sales for years, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is gaining ground faster than anyone could have anticipated, having already made $250 million in sales in three short years. If Amazon is not paying attention, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics could use their unique selling strategy to jump into that coveted top spot in the very near future.


Hudson spoke about why her active-wear company is growing so quickly. She credits the success to women looking for an easier way to shop for the items they want at prices they can afford. Hudson has found a way to meet the needs of these women utilizing her membership program and a process known as reverse showrooming. These women will wander into the Fabletics store in their local mall, get their free membership, take the Lifestyle Quiz, check out the new releases in the workout apparel world, and try on as many items as they like. Even if these women don’t spend a penny, Hudson says she has a secret weapon up her sleeves.


Women are busier than ever these days, so when the dust settles later in the day and they visit the Fabletics website, here they have the opportunity to continue shopping in a relaxed atmosphere. As a member of the company, all those pieces of Hudson’s athleisure brand that were worn in the store are now placed in the online profile page. These women know what items fit, and now can buy difference colors, makes, or styles, knowing everything will fit perfectly. Compare that to the shopping experience at Amazon where these same women never get to see how the item fits until they get it home, and most of the time they have to return it back to Amazon.


The benefits of getting the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics membership include free shipping on all online orders, lower pricing on the latest active-wear pieces, and even the assistance of a Fabletics personal shopper. At the top of the month, your personal shopper will use your past buying choices and quiz answers to select something they thing you will love, then add it to your cart for your consideration. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found a way to get women excited about shopping, and her company is certainly reaping the rewards.

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  1. Many people would have thought that it wouldn’t be possible for any fashion retail store to compete with Amazon. There is a meditation song meant for meditating, this is meant to enhance the art. While amazon has remained the giant in the category, Fabletics has taken a direct chase and soon, I believe amazon may lost it hold to Fabletics. Now, I believe that this is the real deal, a Fabletics membership fee ensure you have some discounts, free shipping amongst others.

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