Jim Tananbaum; A Leader in Healthcare Capital Creation

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and the managing director of Forestsite Capital. With more than 25 years of healthcare entrepreneurial.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and the managing director of Forestsite Capital. With more than 25 years of healthcare entrepreneurial and investment experience, Jim focuses on strategic, operational and financial opportunities to create franchise healthcare investments. Jim is the chief architect of Foresite Capital; a private equity firm that supports the emerging healthcare leaders by providing them with capital for growth purposes. Jim has been linked with the healthcare company since 2011. Prior to the formation of Forestsite Capital, Jim has co-founded different international healthcare firms such as Prospects Partners Venture and Sierra Ventures, and the previous association with the firms is a clear testimony of the remarkable record Jim has in market capitalization,

According to Jim, the idea for Forestsite Capital can be attributed to his vast experience as a healthcare entrepreneur and investment strategists. The acumen came from realizing that for the healthcare industry to realize its full potential, there`s need for a perfect synergy between science and innovation. Innovative healthcare products and solutions, however, often demand more capital and resources that financiers are not willing to provide. Forestsite was therefore formed to drive the success of the healthcare future by supplying the emerging and existing firms with information, networks and capital.

Jim has a reputation for offering pragmatic industry expertise, bringing ideas to life, engaging the industry experts, and guiding companies in capital raising activities. One trend, however, that excites Jim is the exponential growth that is as a result of the marrying of biotechnology and data science techniques. Jim has been cited as a family man, an academician who loves learning and a risk taker. The entrepreneurial journey is not smooth at it seems, Jim asserts. Jim has faced a lot of challenges in his quest, but he believes that persistence, focus and belief is the ultimate weapon against the challenges. Check out Medium for more info.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is proud holder of a Bachelor`s degree in math and electrical engineering from Yale. He also holds MD and MBA from Harvard Business School. Jim has contributed remarkably to the healthcare industry. Some of the firms founded or co-founded by Jim include Theravance, Amira Pharmaceuticals, and GelTex.

Jim is passionate about continuing his evolution by working across the field with leading academicians. Forbes has recognized the exceptional capitalistic nature of Jim on the Midas list. The Midas list by Forbes comprises of the top 100 venture capitalists who have made exceptional financial gains in investments. In this year`s list, Jim was ranked number 52; a confirmation that Foresite is a leader in capital creation. Visit his About.me page

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