Is Rodrigo Terpins Ready for the 2018 Sertoes Rally?

Put Mr. Rodrigo Terpins behind a T1 prototype race and he will show you what he is about. Just fresh.

Put Mr. Rodrigo Terpins behind a T1 prototype race and he will show you what he is about. Just fresh from the 22nd Sertoes off-road rally, Rodrigo shows no sign of backing down. Despite not winning the championship, he says the thrill is in enduring the entire race from start to finish.

Anyone who has been on any of Sertoes off-road rallies can attest to how treacherous the racing routes are. The 22nd edition of the largest Brazilian off-road rally was no different. The race covered over 2600km of harsh terrains going through 2 states and 7 stages. Rodrigo Terpins was competing against 38 other drivers, many of which never made it to the finish line.

Rodrigo Terpins ensured that he and his partner, Fabricio Bianchini, would endure the race to the end. This, however, comes as no surprise since Rodrigo had taken the time to prepare for this grand face off under the T1 Prototype category. Prior to racing in the Sertoes rally, Rodrigo had competed at the Araquari SC trial in north Santa Catarina.

Rodrigo remembers the Araquari track to be almost similar to the Sertoes track. He went through hilly terrains and dodged plenty of sandy dunes. Of course the element of sandstorms was to be expected given the frequent gales that blew over the dunes. Nevertheless, Rodrigo owed it to himself to race and finish the Araquari track where he raced a T-Rex prototype alongside his brother Michel.

Now Rodrigo Terpins is planning for the 2018 Sertoes Rally championships. Registration is already ongoing, and Mr. Terpins will definitely be with his home team, the Bull Sertoes Rally. In the 2017 Sertoes rally, Rodrigo managed to finish top 5 in his favorite category of T1 off-road prototype trucks. Overall, Rodrigo and his partner, Bianchini, finished 8 beating 22 other contestants to the finish line.

Racing in the T1 prototype category is no easy fete. Rodrigo admits the racing routes can be extremely gruesome and many drivers do not get to finish. However, Mr. Terpins’ secret to success is to enjoy the process more than the win. He is yet to emerge top position in the Sertoes Rally, and perhaps 2018 will be his year. Check out his website to know more

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