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UKV PLC is UK based company that specializes in wine. It is run by just a few highly trained individuals.

UKV PLC is UK based company that specializes in wine. It is run by just a few highly trained individuals who are able to assist clients as consultants to their extensive list of wine selections. These consultants are happy to contact clients to learn what the appropriate wine would be for them. There are red and white wine from many different European counties as well as champagne.

Unlike other wine companies UKV PLC acts independently and is not held back by only offering small supply chains. They have a network of traders that they buy their wine from, making it easy for them to keep popular wines and champagnes in stock while also finding rarer vintages.

While UKV PLC sells most of its wines for customers to drink there are some who buy their wine as an investment. As discussed in an article posted on, there are several benefits that come with investing in wine. One such benefit is the fact that by buying wine customers are purchasing a tangible product. The bottles of wine can be safely stored in a client’s home or at a UKV PLC warehouse.

Another benefit is that as wine ages it also increases in value. Buying wine when it is relatively new and then waiting just five years can greatly increase how much it costs. Many UKV PLC wine investors earn between 12% to 15% back on the wine they bought and resold.

Investing in wine is also much easier to get into than other markets. UKV PLC offers expert assistance with wine consultants that give up to date market conditions on the specific wine price as well as completely insuring them from any damage.

Even though the notion of investing in wine has been around for over a century there are still some rather unique rules when dealing with the value of wine for tax purposes. Since the majority of people use wine for consumption purposes tax authorities list it as a product that decreases in value. This makes investing in wine completely tax-free.

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