How Norman Pattiz and Edison Research Discovered the Effects of Podcasts on Propaganda

Norman Pattiz is the current Executive Chairman of PodcastOne and he is also the founder. He has over 4 decades.

Norman Pattiz is the current Executive Chairman of PodcastOne and he is also the founder. He has over 4 decades experience in radio syndication. PodcastOne is not the only company he established. He is also the founder of the famous Westwood One. He developed this outfit into America’s largest provider of all categories of news.

In 2010, he also founded courtside Entertainment Group. This group is known for the production and distribution of quality programming. Due to his numerous achievements, President Clinton appointed him in 2000 to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. President Bush reappointed him two years later. This speaks volumes about him.

According to Biz Journals, in conjunction with Tom Webster, VP of Strategy in Edison Research, Norman Pattiz released the results of a comprehensive study. It is a series of studies of advertising tests using five major consumer brands across separate service and product categories.

This study is said to be the first of its kind. It was conducted over the last six months of 2016 and the results showed the impact of podcast on advertising. The study was conducted on podcasting advertising on brand recall, purchase intent and recall of certain messaging.

The study clearly showed that more than 60 percent of listeners selected a post-campaign of a particular brand of grocery. The percentage actually shot up from just 7 percent in the pre-study.

The awareness of unaided products increased by 47 percent from the pre-study to the post study while that of products of financial services providers increased by just 37 percent. The least increase was witnessed by garden and lawn products. It increased by just 24 percent. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The number of respondents who had favorable opinions of automobile aftermarket products increased from 18 percent in the pre-study to about 33 percent in the post-study while that of lawn and garden products increased from 16 percent to 22 percent in the post study.

The awareness of certain campaign message for a particular automobile increased by about 60 percent from pre-study to post-study and the awareness for casual dining restaurant increased by a whole 76 percent.

Some of the brands that were used for the study were already well known, they just launched new campaign message while the not so popular ones were looking for increased awareness. The awareness was verified before the 4 to 6 weeks of podcast adverts and after it.

As you can see, the results showed that listeners responded better to brand messages. Considering all the results outlined above, it is very clear that podcast advertising has a significant impact on several critical effectiveness measures.

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