Despite false information from detractors, Securus Technologies keeps prisons safe

In any industry, the top dogs will often risk attacks from their less able competitors. The United States prison industry.

In any industry, the top dogs will often risk attacks from their less able competitors. The United States prison industry is no different. Many providers, who, through the provision of excellent service, have been able to corner markets, have been subject to vicious attacks by detractors. Many of these people are irrational and hold completely ideological beliefs that do not square nicely with the reality of how the prison system actually works. However, most of these providers are able to continue providing great service despite the attacks of those who are not forced to deal with the realities on the ground of conducting business within one of the most difficult environments in the United States.


One such company is Securus Technologies. As the second largest provider of inmate communication services within the United States, Securus has been subject to vicious attacks from opponents of the U.S. prison system allowing private contractors to work within its confines. However, Securus has racked up a track record of being one of the best providers in the U.S. prison system. With many highly innovative technologies being developed by the company, such as its video visitation system, Securus has materially contributed to a safe work environment for guards and a safe living environment for prisoners.


One of the ways in which Securus is keeping the country’s prisons safer than they have ever been before is through the use of its video visitation technology. This highly innovative system allows inmates to stay in nearly constant, face-to-face contact with their loved ones on the outside, giving them a sense of hope and something to live for. Use of these systems has been shown to dramatically reduce the incidence of infractions and non-compliance with institutional rules.


It is through this type of high-tech innovation that Securus is creating a much safer and more secure work environment for the guards as well as a safer place for inmates.


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