A Technology Which Also Needs to Be Guarded

I’ve been seeing the expanding use of drones in unique and new ways recently. Beyond being a cost-effective way to.

I’ve been seeing the expanding use of drones in unique and new ways recently. Beyond being a cost-effective way to include impressive aerial footage in online videos, and broadcast commercials, they are beginning to be used for deliveries. The skies over our cities could become quite crowded if the vision of Amazon becomes a new reality. And yet, there is a new use of drones as delivery devices that I simply had never considered before: carrying contraband to inmates in correctional facilities.

The cleverness of criminals aiding inmates now compels the prison system to add “guarding against new technologies” to the need of guarding the inmates. I was very interested to learn of a company that is providing protection to prisons, jails and other correctional facilities; to safeguard against illegal, clandestine drone deliveries. Securus Technologies of Carrollton, Texas is running pilot programs that safeguard against drone operations at and near correctional facilities. The technology stops them from arriving at the prison sites, let alone flying over the walls and fences that keep prisoners in. The technology protects against the delivery of such contraband items as; cell phones, money, drugs and even weapons. Their systems, which they have been evaluating for 18 months, prevent the drones from being operated in proximity to the prisons.

With the emergence of drone technology, especially in terms of lowered purchase prices for increasingly sophisticated models that can lift heavier and heavier loads, I really don’t care how the protective systems work. In my opinion no one really needs to dig into the nuts and bolts of the functions of the technology, and most especially, nobody needs to reveal it publicly. I appreciate more that this tech increases security for guards and operational personnel, as well as improves protection for inmates inside the facilities. Securus Technologies seems to be the right company for expanding the use of this tech for more than just the strength of the technology they use.

Just this year, among 2,500 nominees from American Companies, Securus Technologies was 3 awards for their customer service in late February 2018. They took home gold for Customer Service Complaints Team of the year, Zelperita Jackson received silver for Customer Service Professional of the Year, and they received bronze for Front-Line Customer Service Team. They have been working on human to human relations and these 3 Stevie Awards demonstrate that they are achieving great things in areas other than implementing protective technologies.


This article was written by forvets